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What do I need to think about on my child's first day in Club Piou Piou?
Always choose Club Piou Piou as your first choice for teaching your child to ski. Ensure your child has suitable warm clothing, MITTENS (not gloves), helmet and a snack for energy. A go-to soft toy if really young and a handkerchief or tissue pack for those 'snotty nose' moments. 

What do I do if I do not know my level or childs level?
If you click on levels at the top of the page, there are some videos and guidelines. But don't worry if you are not sure, our team of experts at ESF will assess your child upon arrival and you will be put into the most appropriate lesson.
What should I do if my child hates the lessons?
All children get cold, however, at ESF we ensure the thought of getting cold and missing mummy or daddy is substituted with fun games, story telling and other forms of the learning process. Probably the worse thing for a parent to do is be there when our instructors are teaching the children. If they hate the lessons please see the instructor at the end of the session to ascertain the reasons. 
My child is shy. Will they be okay on a Group Lesson still?
If your child is a shy or introvert you do not need to worry. Our instructors are trained to deal with most personality traits. If you are overly worried, please see the ESF office before your lessons begin. 
Are the carers/instructors in Kindergarden fully qualified to look after young children?
Of course. Each instructor trains hard for years to become an instructor and the first test is to learn how they can influence and teach young children to ski. We strongly believe that your child will be safe and enjoy the time spent in Kindergarden with ESF. 
If the weather is really bad will my lesson be cancelled? Will I get a refund?
It takes really bad weather to stop our instructors from venturing out. Unless your safety is in question our lessons will always take place. If cancelled for severe weather please visit your chosen ESF ski school in resort.
What age can I bring my children skiing?
We would recommend the age of 3 is a good starting point to learn to ski, however, our nursery takes babies from new born upwards.
Can I watch my childs lessons?
We would advise you to wear a false nose and moustache if you would like to watch as, believe us, your children will learn quicker if they know mum or dad is not around.
Does the price of a lesson change out of school holidays?
All school holidays change the prices of lessons due to demand. If you are travelling without children then the better deals are in the quieter times of January and early March.
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