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Fireworks at the February Festival in Flaine

February Festival 12th February - 9th March 2018

For unforgettable winter holidays the 'February Festival' offers an exceptional program.
Each week there will be parades, shows and concerts including a traditional torchlight and fireworks event that lights up the skies.

14th, 21st, 28th of February and 5th of March 2018:
Traditional torchlights by the ESF instructors of Flaine with fireworks.

“La Cymbalobylette”: mechanical Batucada music – 19th of February 2018 – Resort procession - A hybrid musical contraption with a utilitarian aesthetic that’s hugely inspired by the agricultural machines of the roaring twenties. Technical jargon, crazy rhythms: samba - waltz - bossa nova - rock'n'roll - paso doble & so on … acoustic concert and open-air dance!

“Le Klaxonarion”: a techno-bike – 26th of February 2018 – Resort procession A two-person bicycle energetically fuelled by the pedal power of music-loving cyclists. It plays a musical rhythm using the energy stored by its smooth-running gyroscope.

The modern “Aerophone”: the ancestor of the Juke Box – 5th of March 2018 – Resort procession A rustic device equipped with a finely crafted crankshaft activating a ventilation system that alternates between sucking and blowing! A whole programme of fun!

La Frieda – 20th of February 2018 – Resort procession Sat astride her goat Philomène, La Frieda makes her way through the resort, calling out local slang and yodelling wherever she goes. She sometimes gets herds confused with crowds because she’s never lived anywhere but up in the mountains! People would do well to behave! Ready your throat, there’s going to be singing!

“La Fanfrelue” – 27th of February 2018 – Resort procession An explosive musical group! Passionate musicians who’ve tamed Balkan melodies with a single goal in mind: to get the whole world dancing, grooving and shaking! The ensemble’s sounds include a trumpet, clarinet, sousaphone, tenor sax, accordion, banjo, bass drum and snare drum!

Macadam Quichotte – 6th of March 2018 - Resort procession A knight without a squire, Robert is on a musical and poetic quest. His form of chivalry is just like his “instrumental mount”, madcap and cheeky. Robert is a lover of poetry, he gives it out to all and sundry the same way you might proffer a modest but heartfelt, rare and precious gift.

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