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Special events in La Plagne

Theres plenty to do in La Plagne and we have some special events throughout the season.

SUBLI'CIMES  - La Plagne in April means EASTER SKI! Between 1970m and 2700m of altitude: 6 peaks within the ski area set up with original and eclectic activities to take part in. Skiers can go from one peak to another whilst enjoying these free events. The Subli’cimes recipe: a breath of fresh air, a pinch of magic, an ounce of adrenalin, a moment of meditation, a bit of well being, a touch of madness.

LES VIEUX PALINS - The "Old School" rally is in late April. Come and ski all day with ESF instructors, dress up in your old school attire and ski with us in vintage equipment. A fun day!

TORCHLIGHT DECENT AND SKI SHOW - During school holidays the instructors offer a fantastic ski show and a torchlight descent.

DISCOVER THE AREA OF LA GRANDE PLAGNE - The instructors of ESF La Plagne offer to show you the scenic domain of la Grande Plagne FREE!
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