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Enter the world of ESF Club Piou Piou this winter!

LET YOUR CHILDREN Relax in total serenity in OUR Piou Piou Clubs. FOR CHILDREN AGED 3+

Everything is organised in PIOU PIOU to ensure your little ones treat skiing as something fun and enjoyable.
Most schools have a protected area featuring special equipment including a rope tow, mini-ski tows, moving carpets, structures and welcoming figures to encourage learning male and female instructors to supervise and instruct.
Your child will learn how to overcome the uncomfortable feeling of wearing clunky ski boots, get used to wearing warm clothing and finally be comfortable in skis. At the end of the week your child will receive a Piou Piou Club medal at the end of their stay. The Piou Piou Club organises tests for the first of the ESF's ability tests called the 'Ourson' qualification.

Some ESF schools offer Piou Piou Club packages that include lunch and lunchtime supervision, enabling parents to ski all day.

Check with your chosen school when booking.

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