Our values

The joy of skiing for all

Our esf instructors are truly mountain people, passionate and driven by the same values.

The benevolence to understand your expectations, to put you in confidence and to make the mountain a place of fulfilment. Also, the sense of responsibility which gives each of our instructors the awareness that we must know how to remain humble in order to prevent risk. Finally, the  passion, enthusiasm and daring, to motivate you and help you progress, in a spirit where good humor always prevails.

Our Skills

French Know-How

The technique, the self-confidence, the knowledge of the mountain environment.
esf is much more than just a school.

Since 1945, where the instructors taught 'French skiing' until today, esf has innovated and made the mountains a place of development, open to all.

Safety and Pedagogy

Good mountain practice always starts with rules that you should know well.

esf has always been part of a prevention and safety approach. Know your abilities, your limits, master the gesture, and observe your environment.


Refine your technique and aim for the podium with the help of our esf instructors.

Pushing yourself to your limits, measuring yourself against your friends, dreaming of a victory in the most beautiful competitions: esf is always at the side of those who want to go far.

our values

Share our passion

Respect for the mountains

Our esf instructors respect the mountains and understand when they are angry. To know and respect them in the knowledge and practice of never disrespecting them.

Love of technique

Passing on the right actions, from one generation to the next, for more self-confidence and more well-being on the snow.

Pleasure and conviviality

The best way to learn, progress and make these moments unique.
Notre promesse

Learn to live an experience

Discover the Mountain 

A territory, a village, a fabulous environment. Our esf instructors share with you their unconditional attachment to the mountain and all that it can offer.

Take part in an activity

We want everyone to be able to learn the right way to challenge themselves, to practice a sport in the heart of nature. 

Surpass yourself

Our esf instructors know how to guide you to always go further, towards that moment when you can say to yourself: “I did it!”

Dare to compete

What if one of the next big guys is you? esf brings out talents and guides you to the podium. We do not let anything pass us!