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Who is this course/package for?

For skiers with an intermediate or experienced level (apart form the safety package this course is accessible to all).

All participants that enrol in this course will be able to create their own itinerary that will see you ski on new and unmarked off-piste areas where you will learn new techniques. You will explore the mountains and massifs with family or friends. 

The Full Works

Whatever package you choose, 3 themes are always covered:

- Technique and risk management for even more fun
- Mountain and snow conditions
- Avalanche rescue and search

Have use of the avalanche transceiver or probe and snow analysis. Learn everything you need to know to become responsible in unmarked surroundings and be able to practice alpine skiing, snowboarding or ski touring with full knowledge of risks.

Our 3 Snow & Mountain Packages

Safety Package

Objective: To know the basic rules for skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing in unmarked surroundings.

With or without sliding, our esf instructors provide complete training to allow you to be autonomous and responsible.

Group: 8 people maximum.

Formula: 2 hours of equipment training or 2 hours of equipment training and 1 hour of skiing.
menu_bookSeCurity Pack (in French until Dec 2021)

Pack Ride

Objective: Learn the techniques and the basic rules of skiing off-piste and how to manage the descent (ski, snowboard or snowshoe). With our esf instructors, discover the mountain and its back country spaces, without taking any risks.

Group: 8 people maximum. 

Formula: Half Day or Full Day
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Pack Trace

Objective: Learn the techniques and progress in ski touring, alone and in safety. Put on the seal skins and set off with our esf instructors to climb completely unspoiled areas to encounter postcard-worthy panoramic views.

Group: 6 people maximum.

Formula: Half Day or Full Day.

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