UK Partners

The following companies have supported esf UK in sponsorship of competition prizes or have worked with esf UK on promotions to our British client base. We thank them for the support. 

Main Partners

The following companies have supported esf in many ways in both France and in other countries and have worked with esf on promotions, charity, sponsorships, events and other beneficial elements. 

Snow Shepherd

Snowshepherd stands as a prominent manufacturer and retailer of leather gloves, with their products available in shops worldwide. Originating in 2009 with a single glove, the brand has significantly expanded its line to encompass 22 distinct gloves and mittens. In a recent milestone, Snowshepherd unveiled the Snowshepherd Lotus Jacket in October 2023 Now stocking 42 shops Worldwide.

Currently, Snowshepherd is working with esf in the UK and esf Sainte Foy. 
We hope to continue our UK mutual business relationship during the 2023/24 season and look forward in bringing you many competition prizes for esf UK users to enjoy. 
Visit: and use ESFUK code for discount. 

France Montagnes play a large part of the partnership with esf UK for the UK market. As a partner of France Montagnes, esf UK work together at the UK Snow Shows, Ski and Snow Launch events and any promotional work for the UK and British markets. 


For more than 20 years, Renault has been a partner of the Ski Open Coq d´Or and will continue its collaboration in 2021. Always listening to its customers, Renault is expanding its range and now offers you innovative, exclusive technology in collaboration with Renault F1 Team: E-TECH.

Protected by 150 patents, this new technology has made it possible to develop two types of hybrid engine:
E-TECH: plug-in hybrid and E-TECH Plug-in: plug-in hybrid on mains. It brings a new electric driving experience, maximum driving pleasure and
additional versatility for the flagship models New CLIO, New CAPTUR and New MEGANE ESTATE.
All these models will soon be exhibited in showrooms. Don't hesitate to try them out!

Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes encourages the spirit of competition, tenacity and performance every day, and works with all those who show initiative and dynamism. It supports all the structures that train and follow thousands of skiers, from their first schuss until their maturity phase (ski committees, alpine ski competition clubs) but also ski professionals.

A few examples bear witness to the links that have united for many years the Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes to the world of Red Pullovers and the National Union of French Ski Instructors (SNMSF): The Socammes "Mutual guarantee company for ski instructors", with a specific offer dedicated to ESF instructors for tailor-made access to mortgage-free mortgage-free mortgages, personal loans at preferential rates and "trainee loans" for instructors;
A bank card specially dedicated to ski instructors;
Official partner of the SNMSF, Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is also the official partner of the Instructors' Challenge but also on the esf circuit (alpine memorials and “BSB” snowboard memorials). Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is also associated with Nordic Skiercross.
Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is therefore a major player and banking partner in the snow and mountain world.


We are Big Bobble Hats, a Scottish family run business who specialises in producing unique, colourful, warm Big Bobble Hats that certainly stand out from the crowd! We have been running for over 13 years and our hats are perfect for all those who love the outdoors. I will leave a link to our website below if you wish to take a look: 


100 years that the mountain makes vibrate, 100 years that the mountain brings to life, 100 years that it is a raison d'être. It is not just a territory, it is a full-fledged, modern and authentic lifestyle. Inexhaustible source of emotion, inspiration, creation, accomplishment, elevation, sharing, enthusiasm, the mountain is a true nourishment of the soul.
It is for this life that Rossignol designs its products: skis, snowboards, clothing, shoes, technical accessories. Products always designed with and inspired by athletes.
From product designers to athletes, Rossignol lives up to the mountain. Behind every Rossignol product beats the heart of an enthusiast.
Authenticity, daring, sharing and enthusiasm are the four values ​​that symbolise the brand:

  • Authenticity, because Rossignol has been anchored in the mountains since 1907;
  • Audacity, for all the technical innovations of the R&D laboratory as well as the audacity of the riders who keep reinventing their sport;
  • Sharing, because the mountain experience is lived between friends;
  • Enthusiasm, because the mountain exudes joy of life and breathes energy.

Rossignol is proud to support ESF instructors because, like us, they share this passion for the mountains in their daily life and pass it on to as many people as possible.


RMC, Info Talk Sport, is the opinion and talk radio of the Altice group.
With nearly 3.7 million listeners every day, RMC is part of the top trio of French radio stations in terms of audience. A unique model and still unheard of in France based on the talk format, strong personalities, permanent interactivity and unprecedented and maximum coverage of sport.
All winter events can be followed in full on RMC: all stages of the Alpine Skiing World Cups, Biathlon and all French events in other winter disciplines (Nordic combined, freestyle, snowboard, etc.).

RMC, also the official radio of the French ski teams, is very proud to be the official radio of the French Ski Schools.
RMC mobilizes all its teams to promote and publicize ESF events, expertise and daily work.

Damart sport

Brand born from Damart textile know-how and passion for sport, Damart Sport works with materials and constantly innovates in new technologies to offer total comfort during exercise.
Creator and manufacturer, Damart Sport has thus developed a range of clothing suitable for outdoor activities and all weather conditions.
Damart Sport offers a range of technical and innovative clothing: warm underwear, windproof and breathable fleeces, down jackets, parkas, accessories for the whole family, etc.
esf supports Damart sport for the quality and performance of its textiles tested and approved by instructors.


Born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and inventor of modern ski bindings, where he became the world leader in the 1970s, Salomon has a long and rich history in winter sports.
Salomon is now present in all areas of snow and sliding sports through material, footwear and textile equipment, but has also been able to expand its product ranges in order to support mountain enthusiasts in their practice.
A leader in winter sports, trail running and outdoor shoes, Salomon constantly seeks to push the boundaries of mountain sports by creating innovative equipment that allows you to have fun, progress and challenge yourself.
These products are developed in the Annecy Design Center at the foot of the Alps, where engineers, designers and athletes collaborate to create new solutions intended to constantly improve the outdoor experience of those for whom nature is a vast playground.
Sustainable development is a theme close to the heart of the brand.
Salomon, through its Play Minded program, is actively involved in promoting a more environmentally friendly economy.
The brand is part of the "Sustainable Apparel Coalition", whose Higgs index measures the environmental impact of brands and their products.
Salomon is also a signatory, along with 42 other brands of the United Nations Charter for Climate Action in the Fashion Industry, committing to apply or support 16 principles including reducing carbon emissions by 30% of by 2030, with the aim of achieving a neutral carbon footprint by 2050.
Salomon is happy to support esf with a partnership inspired by its values: imagination, family spirit, commitment, simplicity and diversity.

Les 2 Marmottes

Taste, select, check, cut, sift, assemble ... Infusion is quite an art!
This is why at Les 2 Marmottes, everything is homemade.
The master infusers work more than 50 plants in the workshops in Bons-en-Chablais, in the heart of the Alps, to make exclusively 100% plant infusions. Plants always chosen among the most fragrant, the most tasty and the most colorful.
No need for added aromas when working directly with committed producers, and selecting quality plants, on their original soils, according to the seasons.