Discover the world of Piou Piou

Who is Piou Piou?

Piou Piou is the talisman of the esf teaching process and a character that your child will meet on their journey into skiing. Your child will meet all of Piou Piou's friends along the way; each having their own teaching story! 

By introducing children to skiing through Piou Piou and friends, our instructors teach each stage using the characters as a tool. Children will play games, feed the characters imaginary food and learn the basics of skiing culminating in a medal at the end of the week, based on progress. 

The Teaching Process

When your child learns to ski for the first time the emphasis needs to be on having fun. At esf this is an important part of the process in the first instance. When a British child experiences the mountain environment for the first time, with a cold and fresh atmosphere, bulky clothing and heavy ski boots, our professional team of qualified instructors know exactly what to do. 

By playing fun games in the snow and using your child's skis as part of the process, your child will become more open with the environment and how to use wear and handle their skis.

Once this process has sunk in with each child, the wonderful world of Piou Piou and friends takes hold. 

Piou Piou is the talisman of the esf teaching process and is based on several teaching elements that will enable your child to systematically learn how to ski.

Including Piou Piou, there are 5 character friends that all play an important part in your child's process of learning to ski.

PIOU PIOU - The talisman of the esf children's area and a very large yellow chick!
BLANCHOT (White Rabbit)
TITOURSON (Teddy Bear)

Children learn at their own pace

One of the benefits of Club Piou Piou is the approach to different learning speeds between children. Some pick up the art of skiing quicker than others. 

Each character has a certain aspect of learning attributed to it. Blanchot, the White Rabbit, helps children stand and slide on skis, where Sifflote, the Marmot, teaches children to slide and stop. Garolou, the Wolf, encourages children to turn and Ourson, the Teddy Bear, helps children to slide down, turn and stop on their own. 

Gaining confidence is key!

Once your child understands the process and adapts to the teaching in Club Piou Piou their confidence will soar. 

The style and process used is designed to take the cumbersome elements of skiing away from the mind of your child. Whilst they are playing games with Piou Piou and friends, our instructors focus on the process, unbeknown to your child. Before long your child will be skiing without actually thinking about the cold or mum and dad!

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Introducing Piou Piou and friends

Piou Piou 

PIOU PIOU - The talisman of the ESF children's teaching process.
Piou Piou is a large yellow chick.
Your child will meet and greet the character of Piou Piou at the beginning of the week. 

Blanchot (The White Rabbit)

Blanchot is Piou Piou's friend and confidant. He is a fluffy white rabbit that you will see pop up from time to time. He loves carrots!

Sifflote (The Marmot)

Sifflote is a fun character and loves to be involved in everything. 

Garolou (The Wolf)

Garolou is the wicked bad wolf and always there to cause trouble!

Ourson (The Teddy Bear)

One of Piou Piou's best friends. Ourson signifies the completion of the Club Piou Piou experience and all children are judged on Oursons tests.

Facts and Figures

How many children enter Club Piou Piou each year?

Every year the ESF teach between 200,000 to 300,000 children across the ESF network.

How many esf Club Piou Piou's are there?

In all of the 252 resorts in France, most ESF offices have a dedicated Club Piou Piou area. However, in the larger resorts, mostly the ones visited by a high percentage of British, you will find 2 maybe 3 PiouPiou areas in the same resort.

How many children have been through the Club Piou Piou system?

Since 2008, when Club Piou Piou was launched, it is estimated that 2,750,000m children have had the pleasure of experiencing their first steps on snow in Club Piou Piou.

How many magic carpets are there in Club Piou Piou?

It is difficult to calculate the amount of magic carpets in total, however, you can be assured that the main resorts, visited by the British, will all have access to a magic carpet or have other means available to ensure your child reaches the point of decent safely and in comfort.

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Group lessons are the ideal way to learn and improve your skiing or winter sport discipline. You will join a group with other skiers of the same or similar level and take to the slopes of your chosen resort. Group lessons are suitable for all levels and standards. 

Our esf instructors ensure that all participants receive the same attention during group lessons. Group lessons are offered in all disciplines such as skiing, snowboarding, off-piste, hiking, Nordic and competition. As a collective, each esf group lesson is different and reinforces everyone's involvement, in a friendly, relaxed and sporty atmosphere.

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One of the esf missions is to be able to take our guests further. Pushing your limits in your chosen discipline and achieving your goals and objectives. With a desire for challenge our esf instructors will take you beyond the limits of the regular pistes to experience a special moment, totally disconnected from everyday life, in communion with nature. The memories you will make with stay with you forever!

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