What are the esf tests for?

Created by esf, the tests allow everyone to progress step by step in their practice of snow sports.

On the basis of precise technical criteria, our esf instructors validate with you or your child, the achievements and the points to be improved in the practice of Nordic skiing.

Teen and Adult Nordic tests

1st Ski

For you or your teenager if you cannot ski at the moment and are a beginner. 
  • Varied movements and slippery walking on flat ground.
  • Direct line on a gentle slope
  • Snowplough on gentle slope with natural stop

Class 1

Preparation 1st degree - Positioning motor skills

In the skating sector:
  • You are able to skater without the poles on slippery ground
In the classic sector:
  • You are able to cross an uphill slope with a slippery step.

In the skating sector and the classic sector:
  • You are doing a 1st degree descent.
  • You are doing snowplough turns.

Class 2

2nd Class degree preparation 

  • You will be able to move on flat ground in skating technique using the arms.
  • You will be able to slide with a transfer of the body weight from one ski to the other with an alternating arm push.
  • You will stay balanced as you glide faster, up and down the slope and when crossing, and you do a series of turns that end with parallel skis or with downward turning steps.

Class 3

3rd Class degree preparation

  • You will perform the different skater steps in a coordinated manner adapted to the speed of movement and you will carry out a varied course with classical technical gestures and by controlling your placement from one ski to the other in the sliding phases.
  • You can make parallel ski turns, downhill and during crossings, and slide sideways, at an angle or round.

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