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Learn to ski with esf

Adults can learn to ski at any age. At esf, we will give you the confidence to learn and improve in any of the many winter sport disciplines offered by our teams.  

In our friendly group lesson format, you can ski or snowboard at your own pace, following the expert advice of our esf instructors. Your level of improvement is determined by the duration of your lesson choice. Choose a private lesson for more detailed attention.

  • Group Lessons
  • Private Lessons

How do you improve my technique?

Our team of esf instructors have the knowledge and experience to teach on any terrain and at any level. 
Technique improvement is achieved through practice and making refinements in skiing style.  

The objective of any adult ski lesson, whether it be group or private, is to enjoy and have fun first. By learning at your own pace you will be surprised at the progress you will make. 

Lessons are available in skiing, snowboarding, cross country, ski touring, snowshoeing, and cross country Nordic ski.

  • Group Lessons
  • Private lessons

Share a moment with the family

With esf you can share precious time with your whole family and learn at the same time! 

Our esf instructors can take you and the family (skiers of a similar level) to places that you wouldn't find on your own. Introduce yourself and the family to new disciplines and visit mountainous areas only our esf instructors can find safely. 
Bring out the competitor in you and live a little!

  • Private lessons for 6 people max (same ability)

Better Never Stops!

For experienced skiers we offer so much more than just piste based lessons. From competition racing to off-piste courses, better never stops!

At esf we can offer plenty of activities for the experienced skier. Our knowledge and experience allows us to map routes that you may never find on your own. By improving techniques in new disciplines, your ability will grow. Try the competition course and enter the Ski Open!

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  • Snow & Mountain

Find your esf ski school

Our 220 plus ski schools are located all over the French mountains and massifs. Discover all you need to know on each school in one click.

Typical esf lesson structures

Group Lessons

Group lessons are the ideal way to learn and improve your skiing or winter sport discipline. You will join a group with other skiers of the same or similar level and take to the slopes of your chosen resort. Group lessons are suitable for all levels and standards. 

Our esf instructors ensure that all participants receive the same attention during group lessons. Group lessons are offered in all disciplines such as skiing, snowboarding, off-piste, hiking, Nordic and competition. As a collective, each esf group lesson is different and reinforces everyone's involvement, in a friendly, relaxed and sporty atmosphere.

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow you to learn with
one-to-one tuition or in small groups of family and friends. Private tuition allows our esf team to offer detailed teaching and with more attention given to the individual or individuals.

An esf Private Lesson gives you the chance to work on your skiing/snowboarding technique under the watchful eye of an experienced esf instructor. You may even want to use the Private Lesson introduce your children to the pleasure of the slopes. Whatever your discipline, level or age a Private Lesson with esf is a personalised experience that will not disappoint.

Hire an Instructor

Hire your own esf instructor to ensure you see and discover the areas you want to see. This service allows you or small groups of family and friends to explore more of the mountains with an esf instructor.

One of the esf missions is to be able to take our guests further. Pushing your limits in your chosen discipline and achieving your goals and objectives. With a desire for challenge our esf instructors will take you beyond the limits of the regular pistes to experience a special moment, totally disconnected from everyday life, in communion with nature. The memories you will make with stay with you forever!
Understand the esf levels and tests in video format
Descriptions and videos will help you choose the right level.
All the test and star results under one roof!
From the Ourson to the Gold Star, follow your child's progress and achievements. What will be their next medal?

Typical esf lesson structures

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