The discipline of Alpine Skiing

The Art of Skiing

From the first time you clip on a set of skis, the free flowing motion and improvements in techniques are clear to see and enjoy. 

esf offer lessons in this popular discipline throughout our 220 schools across the French mountains and massifs. 

  • Group Lessons
  • Private Lessons

Benefits of Alpine Skiing

The benefit of skiing for beginners to advanced individuals is one of relaxation, pleasure and sport. 

Getting together with family or friends to enjoy this pastime can be done in many ways. Everyone can have fun. 

  • Discover the beauty of the great outdoors
  • Escape and feel free 
  • Make your mark on the ski slopes
  • Love the thrills and spills
  • Exercise and practice physical activity

Why choose Alpine Skiing as your chosen discipline?

The different style and practices of Alpine Skiing

Skiing on the slopes

The most common practice. On groomed and marked slopes, colour coded in order of difficulty. Everyone can experience beautiful descents at their own pace.
Our esf instructors are there to teach you the right moves and the correct techniques to improve. 

Freeride off-piste

Ski in freedom away from the slopes, where you explore the great outdoors, make your mark in virgin powder snow and create beautiful memories. 

Our esf instructors will take you away from the busy slopes and into the back country off-piste areas of the mountains. 

Freestyle at the snow park

Twist, turn and spin in the Snow Park on ramps and jumps. Improve with esf on your techniques and build confidence to push yourself further. 

Our esf instructors will help you to master your body in space, balance and speed, until you achieve the perfect figure.

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