What are the esf tests for?

Created by esf, the tests allow you to assess your level of performance by comparing yourself to that of our esf instructor.

On the basis of precise technical criteria (chrono), our esf instructors validate with you or your child, the achievements and the points to be improved in the practice of snowboarding.

The Snowboard Event

X Boarder

The X Boarder test consists of a snowboard sequence of a technical course of different modules including whoops, tables and turns raised on a slope of about 15° and 700m long.

Performance calculation
% authorised in addition to the base time achieved by an esf instructor in the first run.
  • Gold: 0 to 17%
  • Vermeil: from 17.01 to 30%
  • Silver: from 30.01 to 45%
  • Bronze: from 45.01 to 60%

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