What are the tests for?

Created by esf, the tests allow everyone to make step by step progress in their practice of their chosen winter sport.

On the basis of precise technical criteria, our esf instructors validate with you or your child the achievements and the points to be improved in the practice of alpine skiing and sets a recognised level of ability.

Ski tests and levels


If you have never skied before, but the desire is there? Or, has a certain apprehension or self confidence delayed you from getting going? The ESF instructors will give you the correct advice and arm you with the right techniques to really build your confidence so you can progress through this beginner level and get you skiing safely.

First objective:
  • Get to know and build confidence with the equipment.
  • Becoming familiar with the snow.
Progressing to :
  • Balance while sliding over smooth terrain on a gentle slope.
  • Snowplough turn.
  • Controlling speed using a snaking trajectory or in a direct line facing the slope.
  • Use the ski lifts.

Class 1

With the essentials acquired, you should know how to control your speed and change direction on a gentle slope in the snowplough position.
We are ready to take the next step!

Class 1 objectives :
  • Perform a basic (single) downhill turn on a gentle to medium grade slope.
  • Make an elementary direct line (on a more or less straight path).
  • Elementary sideslipping: uphill swing, at an angle.
  • Master two different steps: the rotating step (changing direction by shifting the angle of your skis) and the skater step (moving forward by sliding from one ski to the other).

Class 2

You will learn to make parallel turns while controlling your speed, you will know how to finish your turns with parallel skis on a slight slope. To increase the challenges and excitement of skiing we will refine your technique and discover new slopes and terrains (“playgrounds”).

Class 2 objectives :
  • Master the turns with parallel skis on medium and varied slopes.
  • Perform basic sculling (short turns using your poles).
  • Make a direct line on increasingly varied slopes.
  • Perform basic quick turns and slides (succession of turns on the side, combined with direct descents).
  • Be aware of different types of snow (packed, icy, deep, wet) and several kinds of terrain (slopes, bumps, etc.).

Class 3

You know how to pivot with parallel skis, handle different types of slopes, terrain and snow. Your new challenge: to master all the curves and the big turns, by synchronising your actions with the mechanical reactions of the skis.

Class 3 objectives :
  • Perform advanced sculling (short turns using your poles).
  • Perform rounded turns and perfected scallops (succession of turns on the side, combined with direct descents).
  • Master the cutting in on the rounding of the  turn (focusing on the edges and perfecting the direct line.
  • Be generally comfortable in both short and long sweeping turns on all types of snow and all terrain.

Class 4

An accomplished skier having mastered turns and techniques. You are able to ski anywhere, on different types of terrain, and you want to perfect and perform it more easily, more efficiently, while having fun and exploring the limits of the resorts. Maximise on your performance now and enrich your technical background and perfect your body language.

Class 4 objectives :
  • In short, become an expert! Bends, short quick turns, long carving turns, direct lines on varied slopes.
  • Perfecting body positioning and overall techniques
  • And to go a little further, you can train in other experiences such as competition (giant slalom, special slalom for example) or discover the snow & mountain program (off-piste) and freestyle. 

Once class 4 has been validated, you will be able to discover other disciplines with esf such as ski touring.

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