About Assisted Skiing

An adult having an assisted sit ski lesson with an esf UK  instructor

Making skiing accessible to all

Specialised esf instructors trained in teaching and assisting people with disabilities or minor disabilities are there to help you discover the joy of skiing. With many types of equipment adapted to everyone, esf Handiski makes skiing possible for both beginners and experienced amateurs. esf can be at your disposal all season if, and when required.  

Whether you are neurodiverse, visually impaired, or have a temporary/permanent physical disability, esf UK welcomes all to the slopes

Different types of adaptive skiing

An experienced skier with a disability using stablios

Uni Ski and Bi Ski

Uni ski and bi ski machines allow a practice that can go as far as complete autonomy.

Their use is linked to that of scooters commonly called 'stabilos'.

You will be able to use all the ski lifts (accessible * and/or authorised **) in a ski area.

* Rule of the Alternative Means (Ski Area of ​​France)
** Some ski lifts are prohibited (ex: when the slope is too steep)
Skiers attending a group sit down ski lesson using piloted sit-down ski chairs with esf

Sit Down Ski

Kart Ski
Sit down ski lessons with a kart ski, allowing semi-to-complete autonomy on the slopes.

Lateral balance is greatly facilitated by the kinetics of the kart ski and a very low position of the centre of gravity. However, travel and access to the ski lifts are not independent.

Piloted sit-down ski chair (Tandem, Flex, GMS, Bi single, Dual piloted, etc.)
This ski chair is a great vehicle for exploring the mountain environment.

It will allow access to the entire ski area thanks to the skills of the esf ski instructor: slopes, off-piste, and knowledge of the mountain environment.

It is possible to use the ski lifts apart from the ski lift.
Skiers in a private lesson, practising with a prosthesis

Standing Still

Skiing with a Physical Disability
  • Legs with prostheses (suitable for skiing)
  • Legs tied (practised with large stabilos);
  • Single leg without a prosthesis (practised with large stabilos).

Skiing for the visually impaired
esf offers various voice guidance options for those taking to the slopes with visual impairments:

- by voice
- with loudspeaker
- with transceiver

Mandatory wearing of the chasuble for people with visual disabilities and guides.

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