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Freestyling with
ESF this winter

If you're looking for new thrills in unspoilt countryside and are keen to push beyond your own limits, check out freestyle and freeride lessons, in complete safety, without taking risks.

Today, freeriding - on a snowboard or on skis - seems to be the latest winter sports trend. Freeriding is skiing or snowboarding outside the marked and prepared pistes. Whether playing with the lie of the terrain or having fun in the powder snow, it's a great way of enjoying the snow. But be careful, freeriding involves careful planning. Not only avalanches, but also crevasses and rocky outcrops are natural features that can have serious consequences, so you should always remember to follow the off-piste safety rules.

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The art of Freestyle is a great fun for all the family

The types of lessons available

At ESF a Private Lesson gives you the chance to work on your Skiing, Snowboarding or Nordic Skiing technique under the watchful eye of an experienced ESF instructor.

Whatever your discipline, level or age a Private Lesson with ESF is an experience that will not disappoint. We try and offer the following opportunities:

  • An analysis and correction of your mistakes. 
  • A choice of specific exercises for making faster progress. 
  • Advice on how to overcome apprehension. 
  • A review the basics.
  • Maybe try a different discipline like biathlon. 
  • Try new techniques and other sports. 
  • Private Lessons are different in every resort so be sure to contact your chosen school before you arrive.
At ESF, Group Lessons are popular in all disciplines from Skiing, Snowboarding and in Nordic Ski. 

A typical Group Lesson can consist of a group of between 2 to 10 people. Individuals are selected at the beginning of the week based on previous ESF experience and class levels achieved. All groups are instructed by an experienced ESF professional equipped for all terrains and conditions.

From complete beginners to the expert skier wanting to improve technique, ESF offer the best access to the slopes, a total discovery of the ski area chosen, unlimited opportunities to improve and fun and friendly instructors. Over 80% of ESF instructors now speak English. 
For a total experience in learning you can Hire an Instructor for a complete personal or group experience.

Unlike a Private Lesson your instructor can be booked for the morning, afternoon or all day and will be on hand to give 100% personal instruction on technique, mountain access, mountain safety and full and unrivalled experience on the mountains.