First time skiing? Want to know why people go mad for this traditional mountain pastime?

Taking the plunge to book a skiing holiday is something big. Especially if you have never been before.
Let us give you the best advice before you do anything else!

Why Brits LOVE skiing!

It's estimated that over 1.5m Brits take a ski holiday every year worldwide, taken from an annual pool of 3m people interested in skiing across the UK. So why do we love it so much?
With the breathtaking mountains in France, the overwhelming feeling of  of breathing in fresh air, the food, wine, après ski and the scope of the kilometres of pistes available, you can understand why we love skiing. 

Mountain Life explained.

Mountain life is different than town living. The attention French mountain villagers give to the environment around them and the respect they give to the weather and conditions is remarkable. The weather during a typical ski season takes time to understand as shovelling snow becomes a weekly job. Take time to speak and ask villagers why they love the mountains so much.

There's more to just skiing!

A typical ski holiday is not just about the skiing. Most Brits take a weeks holiday and ski for 6 days out of the week. Enjoying the après ski and the entertainment each resort offers is always a good choice. Most resorts have fantastic restaurants, shops, bars and things to keep you occupied each evening. esf have a torchlight descent every week in most resorts which is always fun. Enjoy every minute of your holiday.


Here are the esf UK team's Top 5 Tips for going on a skiing holiday:

1) Skiing is a mountain adventure you will never forget. Embrace the cold and ensure you buy or borrow suitable ski clothing pre holiday.

2) A skiing holiday is not just about sliding down a mountain. Make the most of the resort. Go tobogganing, shopping, swimming or other activities while you are there. 

3) Join in the Après Ski. Take time to relax in a bar or restaurant and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the 'after skiing' conversations and chat.  

4) Get up early and catch the best conditions. Early risers normally get to ski on the freshly piste'd runs. The slopes cab be busy so get up and ski early. 

Let us help you learn or improve. 

At esf UK we would like to  share our 5 TOP TIPS for enjoying your ski holiday

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