WIN a copy of 'Fjord's Mountain Mission'

UK author Caroline Elliott offers signed copy of her new family mountain safety book to one lucky esf UK reader. 

This book is about a very special dog who lived a life that most dogs can only dream of. Fjord lived and worked in the Pyrenean mountains with Caroline, his human companion. They lived side by side, constantly connected through work and affection, trusting each other in the sometimes solitary, sometimes dangerous world of avalanche control and mountain safety.

This book invites you into Fjord’s world and shares important knowledge about how to keep yourself safe whilst enjoying snowsports. You will learn about Fjord’s life from the moment he wakes to the moment he goes to sleep.
To have a chance of winning please answer the question below
What type of breed is Fjord?
A) Black Labrador
B) Black Flat Coated Retriever
C) Black Labradoodle

Send your answer to with ‘Fjord Comp’ as the title.

(Deadline: 17th January 2023)

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