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ESF Courchevel 1650 Come to the Rescue!

'ESF COURCHEVEL 1650 gave me the confidence i needed'. 

'After breaking my leg on the slopes of Austria as a teenager I refused to get back on the skis. Even watching downhill skiing on TV was a tough thing to do. I was invited on a group skiing holiday a few years ago and I had no desire to go skiing again. I was encouraged to have some lessons whilst I was out in Courchevel 1650. I started with beginner group lessons with the ESF ski instructors.

I was able to explain my nerves about skiing and they took me right back to basics with how skiing works. With morning lessons from Sunday to Wednesday I was already back to skiing green and blue runs, which brought back my love of skiing and the confidence to do it.

A couple of years later and I still have private ski lessons with ESF to keep increasing my skills and my confidence. I'm now enjoying red runs in all different snow conditions.

I'm passionate about skiing again - a big thank you to the ESF team at Courchevel 1650

I can highly recommend them from beginners to advanced skiers wanting to develop their technique.'

Chris Wilkinson
Director: Gifted Recruitment 

Twitter @CptWilko
Instagram Gifted_Recruitment