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The new 'Camp Filluel' piste.

A new red run to the left of the Marquise lift has arrived in Sainte Foy.

Named after a military barracks whose ruins can be spotted near this new run, Camp Filluel is graded red and leads off to the left of the Marquise lift. Its length is around 1500m over 305m vertical.

This is a sunny slope with a southwest orientation and catches the sun early, called by some “the shoulder” and rejoins the Grand Solliet piste as it curves into the wooded area. Start altitude is 2415m and terminates at 2110m with good quality natural snow cover.

This new piste will improve the options for using the Marquise area. New snowmaking: 10-15 new snowmakers will be added on the most popular pistes (Arpettaz, Chapelle, Savonnettes, Grand Solliet etc) to improve conditions and ensure a good time is had by all!

New safety equipment on the Arpettaz lift. The chairlift will be fitted with “anti-submarining” which will prevent users (especially children) from sliding off the lift under the safety bar. Improved signage is also part of the continuing programme.

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The new RED graded piste 'Camp Filluel' runs off to the left of the Marquise lift.